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About Us

Cogitam Industries GmbH is a company that has emerged with the gathering of more than 30 years of history in different sectors under the same roof. That's why we chose the word "cogitam" carefully. We aimed to reach the right results by putting "thinking", which is the beginning of reality, to our center.
After combining our manufacturing experiences in different fields with engineering and R & D studies, we aim to present this experience to our customers in areas that require precision such as consultancy, contracting, and trading.
With our tailor-made consultancy and turnkey projects, we strive for our customers to get the highest efficiency from their investments by keeping the quality at the highest level.
We created our team from people who are experts in their fields. Thus, we offer our customers the most suitable solution and draw the right road map for their investments.
We expect to see you as a part of our family in our story with a long history.

About Us